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This is “not” a ride for the beginner or unseasoned rider.  Only those who are in top physical shape and are not intimidated by sharing the road with motor vehicles should register.  Previous long-distance riding and training is strongly advised.


This ride is an extremely arduous three-day journey. Only very experienced riders are encouraged to participate. The route is along traveled highways with moderate vehicular traffic. Riders will be riding on the shoulder of the roads for the entire length of the tour, so only persons who feel comfortable riding in these conditions are encouraged to ride.  A handlebar or helmet mirror is highly recommended for better visibility of traffic and safety.

The first day will be a grueling 120 miles long. Be prepared to ride from dawn to sunset with appropriate lighting. Riders are encouraged to have completed at least a full Century (100-mile ride) prior to this tour. Prospective riders should complete two back-to-back long rides in preparation. It is on this training ride that fuel/electrolytes of choice should be tried and tested…and proven.

Although we have SAG support, you should only sign up for this ride if you feel you are physically capable of finishing each and every day of the event. The SAG vehicle is there in case of mechanical and/or medical emergencies and not to be considered your own personal taxi.

Below is a checklist of both required and suggested items for each rider:

Items to pack/Checklist: 

-          Photo Identification – REQUIRED!

-          Bright Safety Lights for front and back of bike- REQUIRED!

-          Patch kit, four (4) spare tubes, four (4) CO2 cartridges – REQUIRED!

-          Bike pump (We will have pumps to share but feel fee to bring your own)

-          Padded bike shorts and a light-weight shirt or jersey

-          Cycling gloves, socks and shoes

-          Sunglasses

-          Sunscreen & protective lip balm

-          Emergency cash and credit card

-          Water bottles or hydration pack (Insulated water bottles recommended)

-          Energy snacks (We will have on hand but feel free to bring ones of your choice)

-          Camera (& charger)

-          Rain gear or poncho (We hope we won’t need it!)

-          Route Map  (Available at the start line)

-          Cell Phone (& charger)

-          SAG Support Contact Info (provided to you)


Pack In Your Overnight Bag:   Bag Requirements: Medium sized and soft-sided only please

-          Change of clothes

-          Shoes/flip flops (max 1 pair per person)

-          Extra Riding clothes

-          Toiletries, i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush

-          Travel Alarm Clock

-          Bug Repellent

-          Hotel reservation information

-          Medications

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