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Become a Sponsor

This ride is not possible without the generous support of our sponsors. For our 10th Anniversary Ride we are offering new packages designed to bring more visibility to to sponsors.  All sponsors will be profile on our website with links directing back to your home page, regular mentions on social media, logo placement on custom kits and event shirts. Additionally, all sponsors will be promoted on signage used throughout the 3-day event and have the opportunity to formally address all participants.  Sponsorship entries are not required to meet any additional fundraising minimum. 


The generous contributions of sponsors is tax deductible. For additional information on becoming a sponsor please contact or  

Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor - $10,000 (1 Available)

The Title Sponsor receives co-branding recognition on all promotional material and top placement on all signage, on our website and on social media.  The Title sponsor receives up to 5 entries for the ride. 

After Party Sponsor - $6,000 (1 Available)

We're planning a bigger and better after party this year that can only be held in Key West. The After Party will be branded and promoted with the sponsor logo on all After Party promotional material. The After Party sponsor receives up to 3 entries for the ride. 



Party in the Parking Lot Sponsor- $4,500 (1 Available)

After finishing Day 2, our party in the Marathon Holiday Inn Express parking lot gets bigger and better every year. The Party in Parking Lot sponsor will help make it even better this year! The Party in the Parking Lot Sponsor receives up to 2 entries for the ride. 



Everglades Lunch Sponsor - $4,000 (1 Available)
Where else can you sponsor a lunch in the middle of nowhere!  The Everglades Lunch sponsor helps make sure cyclist are well feed and hydrated at the midpoint of day one. We'll also brand a lunch option of your choice! The Everglades Lunch Sponsor receives up to 2 entries for the ride.  


Key Largo Lunch Sponsor - $4,000 (1 Available)

This is your opportunity to rebrand the Winn Dixie Parking lot in Key Largo for our Day 2 Lunch!  After a day and a half or cycling on the mainland, we're in the Keys for the rest of the ride. Help us celebrate with a lunch in your honor.  The Key Largo Lunch Sponsor receives up to 2 entries for the ride.    

Farewell Fort Myers Sponsors - $2,000 (Multiple Available)

Help us get this ride started right! The Farewell Fort Myers sponsors make sure all participants are well fed, hydrated, and make sure any last minute adjustments to bikes are made. Farewell Fort Myers Sponsors receives 1 entry for the ride. 


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